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What is LINQ
Language Integrated Query (LINQ), pronounced simply as 'link' is a component of the Microsoft .NET Framework that enhances .NET based languages with data Querying power. The syntax is kind of similar to SQL. LINQ has been released along with the .NET 3.5 Framework.
Creating Search Engine Friendly Dynamic Web Pages in ASP.NET
This article explains how to dynamically create and generate ASP.NET Web Pages using C#. The simple technique explained here makes sure that the web page is search engine friendly, and the page gets published live instantly. The article contains complete code too.
How to use the XML control in asp.net to display XML document contents
The XML Control in ASP.NET is a powerful control to display XML file contents in a web page. Its easy to set up, easy to bind and extremely flexible to show XML data, in a presentable manner using a corresponding XSLT file. Learn how to quickly and easily display XML data in web pages.
Difference between Bugs, Exceptions and User Errors
They all sound similar but yet they are pretty different from each other: 1) Bugs 2) Exceptions 3) User Errors. This article explains whats the difference between these common havocs commonly seen with software applications.
Exploring .NET System.Object - The Inside Story
Ever wondered whats there inside the .NET System.Object class. Explore the members inside this class, know the specifiers used here, how the all the worldly classes in .NET inherit from the Object base class, the greatest grand parent of all .NET classes.
Structured Exception Handling in .NET
Handling exceptions in .NET is a piece of cake. This article throws light on the members of the exception class, the structure of an exception in .NET, the elements of Structured Exception Handling like the try block, catch block, finally block and the power of the throw keyword.
XBox Games development with Microsoft XNA Game Studio Express
Web Games development was never so easy until Microsoft introduced the XNA Game Studio Express, the power-packed suite that may be integrated with Visual Studio to develop games for the XBox platform. Hobbyists, students, professionals, now anyone can write and create games with a little bit of know-how about XNA!
Using the Accordion control from the Ajax Control Toolkit
Check out the cool Accordion control from the Ajax Control Toolkit. Its easy to use, simply download the AjaxControlToolkit.dll, place it in the Bin folder, and you are ready to show some sliding & gliding effects in your website with some simple to write code. Ofcourse its free! Checkout the code example too.
What are the enhancements in T-SQL in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
The Microsoft SQL Server 2005 is packed with new enhancements in T SQL, feature rich support for new XML Data Types, Large Value Data Types, Data Definition Language Triggers, Recursive Queries, Common Table Expressions, Read More.
ASP.NET 3.5 Controls | DataPager | ListView | ScriptManager | ScriptManagerProxy | UpdatePanel | UpdateProgress
ASP.NET 3.5 Framework is packed with a few enhanced controls that enable developers to create rich looking web applications with a comparatively simpler effort. Checkout the new controls like DataPager, ListView, ScriptManager, ScriptManagerProxy, UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress
BizSpark by Microsoft - Free development platform for new business
Microsoft BizSpark is a global program designed to help accelerate the success of entrepreneurs and early stage startups. Besides a very simple software offer, BizSpark also provides professional support from Microsoft technical geeks, and avenues on the BizSparkDB website.
Free Website Security tools by Microsoft; Securing web applications through web.config Settings
This article will empower you with knowledge of free tools for website security provided by Microsoft. It also explains tips on how a web developer may secure the web.config file while deploying a web application on the production server.
Calling Unmanaged Code from C Sharp
Old is always gold. C Sharp unleashes the power to call unmanaged code from its managed environment. Read on for more
Free Charting Control in Microsoft .NET 3.5
Now create beautiful rich looking dashboards with free Charts from Microsoft, read on...
Free Charting Control in Microsoft .NET 3.5
Top notch security is always on top of every web masters agenda. This article unleashes how you can go ahead and secure your web.config. Read on
Free Charting Control in Microsoft .NET 3.5
Top notch security is always on top of every web masters agenda. This article unleashes how you can go ahead and secure your web.config. Read on
Microsoft Launches Bizpark. This zooms the success of entreprenuers.
Microsoft unfolds an unbelievable platform for budding entreprenuers to ramp up their ideas and startup their business. Read on
A Simple ASP.NET Captcha control
This article describes in simple and easy steps, how to create a CAPTCHA control, that you can wire in your ASP.NET website quickly. Read on
Structured Exception Handling in Microsoft .NET
This article describes the concept of structured exception handling in .NET. Read on...
Using the SQL Server Profiler and Activity Monitor
SQL Server comes with a very handly utility called the SQL Server Profiler. There is another one called Activity Monitor. Read on...
Web 2.0 and ASP.NET
Whats the buzz around Web 2.0? Well, its a bird, its a plane, no, its Web 2.0, and mix it with ASP.NET, you get a spicy website curry. Read on...
XAML, the markup language
Whats XAML and whats inside it, where does it come handy? Read on...

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