.NET FAQs Unleashed!

Interview Questions on .NET Framework

What is .NET?
Which languages can be used to program for .NET?
Which versions of .NET have been released so far?
What tools can be used for .NET Development?
Explain CLI, CIL, CTS, Metadata, CLS, IL and VES
What is CLR?
What is a class library?
Explain managed code, managed data, managed class
What is an assembly? What is ILDASM?
What is Reflection?
What are the different types of assemblies? Satellite assembly?
How do we share an assembly? How do we make it strongly named? SN.EXE?
What is GAC?
Can the Garbage Collector control activities of a thread?
For what do we use the IDisposable interface?
What is Serialization? SoapFormatter, BinaryFormatter, XmlFormatter?
What is CAS?
What is a class attribute?
What is a thread? How do we create and use it?
What is globalization?
What are generations in .NET?
How to use COM components in .NET?

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