.NET FAQs Unleashed!

Interview Questions on OOPs

What is OOPS?
What is a Class? Base class?
What do you mean by Encapsulation?
What do you mean by Inheritance?
What is a Class member? What is an object?
What do you mean by Polymorphism?
What is a property? What is an event?
What is an access modifier? Different types of access modifiers?
What is Overloading? Overloads, Overload?
What is the shared keyword used for? What is static?
What is the virtual keyword used for?
Explain overridable, overrides, notoverridable,mustoverride
What is the shadowing? What is shadows keyword used for?
What is a constructor? Explain the new keyword. Whats a private constructor?
What is a static constructor?
Explain serialization? What is serializable attribute used for?
What is a delegate? Whats a Multicast Delegate
What is an abstract class? Why do we use it?
What is an interface? When & how do we implement it?
Is multiple inheritance possible in .NET?

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